Earnings Disclaimer and Affiliate Disclosure


The following is the Income & Earnings Disclaimer for this website.  It may be read in conjunction with any other Legal Disclosures & Disclaimers on this website, including – but not limited to – a general Disclaimer, FTC Compliance page, Terms of Condition & Conditions of Use, etc., if any.

Accuracy Subject To Human Error

Any information, products or services offered on this website are represented with honest intentions, but we cannot guarantee everything you see on this website is free from human error.  As such, sample income & earnings data could contain mistakes.

Possible, Not Necessarily Probable

Even where accurately represented, you should take what you see as examples of what’s possible, and not necessarily what is average or typical income & earnings.

Influence of Timing

Moreover, income & earnings potential can be impacted by changes in market conditions, technology, supply, demand, and other factors.  Accordingly, past income & earnings examples could reflect past conditions that were more favorable, and thus such results may be difficult or impossible to achieve today.

Influence of Personal Attributes

Even where conditions are favorable to obtaining outcomes comparable to those you might see on this website, this potential is subject to the limitations (if any) of your potential.  People have different gifts, talents, abilities, and so on, and thus not everyone would achieve the same result on the same set of facts.  Everything from your personality to your aptitude can influence the outcome of your efforts using any of our information, products or services.

Influence of Applied Effort & Commitment to Favorable Outcome

Even if you have optimal personal attributes well-suited to attaining optimal results with any of our information, products or services, none of that will matter if you do not apply yourself diligently to achieving what is possible.  Accordingly, you could achieve unsatisfactory results with any information, product or service we offer not because of any inherent limitations therein, but rather due to your own failure to accomplish what’s possible for you.

Use At Your Own Risk

For the above reasons, you should make the decision to use any of our information, products or services completely on your own and without deference to any results we may have referenced.  Any product or service, whether free or paid, should be used at your own risk and with understanding that we are not responsible for the consequences of you using them.

No Additional Warranty Or Guarantee

Since you should make your own independent decisions about using any of our information, products or services, and since many factors can impact outcomes, and since there may even be human errors in the presentation of materials (for which we disclaim liability), you accept the fact that there is no warranty or guarantee made on any purchase beyond what is offered at the point of sale.

No Liability

The above being clearly stated, and accepted by you, you agree that we are not liable for any loss, damages, or other undesirable consequences you realize as a result of using any of our information, products, or services.


The following is the Affiliate Disclosure for this website.  It may be read in conjunction with any other Legal Disclosures & Disclaimers on this website.

Third Party Offerings

In addition to any information, products, or services offered by us directly, some offerings may come from third parties.

Incorporation By Reference

As to any third party information, products, or services you may discover or purchase through this website, we incorporate by reference the above Income & Earnings Disclaimer.  Accordingly, all provisions that apply to our own information, products, and services also apply to that from third parties.

Potential Compensation

As is sometimes the case, publishers & providers of information, products, and services offer commissions to those who help get their offerings in front of an audience.  Although it may not necessarily be true, it could be the case that we are compensated in some way, which may not even be strictly monetary, for sharing third party information, products, or services with you.  To be most conservative, and in light of the fact that an affiliate or compensated relationship may not be disclosed in every instance where it may exist, you should assume that we are compensated when you make a purchase.  Likewise, you should just simply assume that we are compensated (or otherwise rewarded) when you consume any content.

Objectivity Not Assured

While third-party recommendations are made with honest intentions, you should not assume that compensation potential has no influence.  Please make your own independent decisions regarding the use of third-party information, products, and services and do not rely on our opinions, evaluations, or suggestions.

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